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Property Cashflow Masterclass (LIVE)

Discover how to find highly profitable and in-demand properties that attract tenants rushing to rent from you... and learn how to turn your property into an asset that generates cashflow consistently for you!

This is for you if…

  • You want to buy your first property but you don't know how to start
  • You already have 1 or 2 properties… but you're suffering from negative cashflow?
  • You want to become a property investor and learn how to create passive income from your property
  • You want to grow your wealth, retire early and provide a secure future for your family and loved ones
  • Now you can learn how ordinary people create more wealth and fulfilment in their lives through property investing from property investment expert, Joshua Lee

Using the exact strategies from his "CHI Triangle Property Investing System", Joshua was able to gain freedom of time and money, so he can spend more time with his loved ones, and pursue his true passion in life… and so can you!

What You Will Learn In This 2.5-Hour LIVE Property Masterclass:

  • The CHI Triangle Property Investing System - a simple but effective system based on a "universal law” that will enable you to repeatedly find profitable properties with high rental yield and attract great tenants
  • How to create cash flow from your properties… so you can earn more income to buy more properties sustainably (and avoid the risk of getting into heavy debts or bankruptcy!)
  • What are the painful mistakes to avoid as a property investor, and how to get started the right way in building a cashflow positive property portfolio
  • Time-saving, powerful tools that smart investors use to identify properties with high growth potential with accuracy, that can be done from home or anywhere
  • Insider secrets on how to get your loans approved successfully, even if your loan has been rejected before
  • How you can beat the 70% loan quota hurdle and invest in your 3rd, 4th or even more properties without suffering from negative cashflow or bad debts
  • How you can use a step-by-step formula to identify prime "Grade A" properties that will generate positive cash flow so you can confidently invest in them… and it is a system you can use over and over again
  • Why NOW is the best time to invest in properties and how you can ride this wave to be a property millionaire in the next few years, and grow your wealth
  • And much more...

Meet Your Mentor

Joshua Lee is a Property Investment Expert, Professional Trainer and International Speaker.

He has trained thousands of investors, developers and large corporations including Mah Sing, Maybank, GE Properties, Mastery Asia, iProperty Group and more.

He used to be a successful banker who earned a comfortable 5-figure salary.

But as he climbed up the corporate ladder, he found himself working even harder and longer.

Every time he was successful in achieving his sales target, the bank would raise his targets even higher.

One day, Joshua brought in his biggest client and made a lot of commission.

But just 6 months later, the bank decided to take back the client for their own management, and instructed Joshua to start looking for new clients.

Joshua was disappointed and at a loss.

He had lost his biggest client and his commission, yet the bank still gained multi-millions in assets through his effort.

That’s when he realised he had to start building long-term, wealth-generating assets for himself... or he would be struggling for the rest of his life!

He started learning from the top property investment gurus in the region, and began investing in properties in his free time.

With his insider knowledge of the banking system, he was able to master the property market and develop his own strategies… owning 20 properties worth $9 million in just 3 years!

He also discovered a system on how to create multiple sources of income and unlock cash flow from his properties, with minimum risk.

He quit his job, and pursued his passion as a property trainer and entrepreneur. He is also a serial investor with investments in various businesses, from F&B to technology.

Today, his goal is to empower more people with the exact property investment knowledge and skills he has learned, and help them achieve financial success in life.

This Course Is For You If You Want To...

  • Generate positive cashflow from your properties while you sleep
  • Have extra cash to spend on vacations and travelling with your loved ones
  • Grow your wealth and retire rich at an early age
  • Create an additional source of income, pay off your debts and sleep peacefully at night
  • Have financial security for your family and loved ones
  • Become a master in property investing, and learn creative methods of investing that the rich use (and you won't find this in textbooks or any website!)
  • Pursue what you truly want to do in life, and live life in your own terms

Here's Why Joshua’s Property Masterclass Is For You

  • No prior financial, property investment knowledge or experience is required
  • No need to have high monthly salary
  • No need for high investment of time, you'll learn smart and practical techniques on how to invest like an expert without quitting your full-time job
  • There's no age limit. Whether you're a student or retired, this masterclass is suitable for you
  • Anyone can find a profitable Property Gem that is cash flow positive in today's market as long as you follow this system

Many Students Have Gained Real Results From His Training.

Hear What They Have To Say About Him:
Tara Lee

Outlet Manager

Other than purchasing a house for my own stay, I knew nothing about property investment. But with Joshua's CHI Triangle Property Investment System, I managed to secure 4 properties worth more than RM3 million and I got my loan approved without much problems.

Ellane Chan

E-commerce Merchandiser

With his guidance , I have owned my first cash flow positive property with minimal down payment.

Kaartik Pala

Engineer, Oil & Gas Company

Joshua is a close friend and a long time business partner. He is very knowledgeable in property investment and is a seasoned property investor. What's unique about Joshua is he loves to teach and guide people. He has a unbounded passion and dedication to teach the community about property investment.

Kaartik Pala

Engineer, Oil & Gas Company

Joshua is a close friend and a long time business partner. He is very knowledgeable in property investment and is a seasoned property investor. What's unique about Joshua is he loves to teach and guide people. He has a unbounded passion and dedication to teach the community about property investment.

Joshua Has Been Invited To Train Individuals And Corporations Across Malaysia, Philippines, Macau And China

Seats are limited to 30 pax per class.

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Event Details:

Date: 23rd April 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.45pm-10.30pm
Venue: Plaza VADS (TTDI, PJ)
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*Free seats are sponsored for the first 30 pax only

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